one to try: purple lips.


I don't like drawing attention to myself. I get completely baffled and will literally fall over my feet while standing still if I get caught in the center of attention without warning. You'd think that this kind of personality would affect my lipstick choices and I'd stick to the safe colours of nudes and light pinks. But if you've been on SoaD for a while now, you'll know that I love a good bold lip. I low-key crave attention while high-hey wanting to be left alone. Jeez, as if my personality couldn't be more paradoxical. Like I said, I love a good bold lip, but again, I always stuck to the safe colours. Or at least until several months ago when I started dabbling in purple lips. Let's fast forward to the conclusion: purple lips are surprisingly easy to wear. 

I always considered purple lips to be too 'out there' and 'daring' for a plain Jane like me. But then I started dabbling in lipsticks that had purple undertones, and of course, armed with my 'all or nothing' extreme personality, I decided to go all in with plain up purple lip colours. 

Yes, I'll admit, it takes up a certain amount of psyching up before you wear a purple lipstick the first time. It's different, it's bold, and it'll draw attention. You'll feel self-conscious and doubt your choice. You'll wonder what the heck colour outfit you're supposed to pair with a purple lip. You will talk yourself out of wearing it outside your bedroom. I cannot tell you the amount of times I applied purple lipstick just to take it off and switch it for a red or a pink. Fast forward to the day I completely lost track of time and had to dash out with bright purple lips as I was already on borrowed time to make it to an appointment. 

People glanced and stared, kids seemed fixated on my choice of lip colour. But for some reason, kids always seemed to really like purple lips and I'd have people come up and compliment me on my lip colour. It was a confidence booster. I quickly became more comfortable with this colour choice and found that it was a surprisingly easy 'unconventional' shade to wear. Granted, you'll need to hurdle the barrier of 'normal', but once you do, you'll find yourself reaching for this eye-catching bright colour. 

Further proof that this lip colour, while seemingly daring and impossible, is actually quite user and crowd friendly? My parents are people that have a slight frown when I wear a bold red lip, thinking that it's slightly 'scandalous' and 'over the top'. They'll do a double take before asking me if I intended to blot the colour down, or in my dad's case, subtly ask my mother if I'm going anywhere after dinner and pretend that he never did that as my mum relays me the question. Fast forward to the time I was wearing a bright purple lip. My dad still did a double take but didn't question things while my mother nodded and was all 'yes, this sits better than the blood red you were wearing yesterday. Wear this when you want to wear red'.  

If purple lips can win my parents over, then you know that it's a crowd pleaser. Have you dabbled in the realm of purple lips before? 
With Love, 
Daphne x

Wearing: MAC Heroine Lip Liner.