[the review] innisfree water glow cushion foundation


Ah, cushion foundations - they've been quite the rage for a couple years now in Asia but I never got around to trying them out when they first launched. I was more obsessed with full coverage matte foundations, and these lightweight, glowy bases were on the whole other end of the spectrum. Fast forward to now and the cushion foundation trend is spreading around the international platform, I'm finally getting on trend. I decided to start off with the Innisfree Water Glow Cushion Foundation ($23) (worn here) after hearing Jo sing praises about it. 

It looks quite bulky upon first glance and it does take up quite some space. BUT all you need is included. The compact houses a decent size mirror, a sponge-puff, and the cushion foundation. The cushion foundation is further housed in this secondary compartment. So basically, the puff rests on the ditch in the lid of the secondary compartment, and you flip open the lid and voila! There's the cushion foundation. It looks quite unnerving and slightly - holey. (HARRY POTTER REFERENCE EH??) I don't like staring at it for too long - it's like looking into the abyss. But yeah, in whole, the packaging is quite well designed and probably the most travel-friendly base that I've ever owned. 

How to use this
It's a pretty straightforward product. Open the compact, take the puff included in the product, flip open the white cover that's concealing the product-infused cushion, pat is a few times, and then use the puff to press the product into your skin. I sound so patronising. I'm sorry. It really wasn't my intention. Some people tend to switch out the puff for a damp sponge, but I really don't see the difference. You could use a brush as well, but I think that quite defeats the purpose of this product honestly speaking. 

This is definitely a hydrating base. I have quite dry cheeks come the colder weather, but this cushion foundation is almost hydrating and 'plumps up' my cheeks after I apply it. As the name suggests, this leaves quite the dewy finish - like the 'from within, I've drunk 2 litres of water today' healthy glow. It also contains SPF50 which is more than awesome - unless you're anticipating flash photography. 

I would classify this in the light coverage category. It has just enough coverage to even out my uneven skin tone, but definitely requires concealer if you have spots (which I do). It can be layered up to the point where it'll camouflage old scarring, but the angry fresh ones? That'll definitely require concealer no matter what, unfortunately. I mean, no one says you HAVE to use concealer - or don't. Don't let me be the one that tells you what to do or not to do. What do I know. NOT SURE HOW THAT RANT CAME ON. Anywho.  

Wear Time
As I've mentioned above, my cheeks are quite dry, but this doesn't cling to dry patches even when they're scattered all over my hamster cheeks. My t-zone tends to get a bit oily at the end of the day, but even without powder, it seems to control the oil quite well. I've worn this for 12 hours before. I did have to powder my forehead once around the 8 hour mark, but at the end of the day, this base looked the same if not better than when I first applied it. There were no signs of the base breaking down, and further, my skin looked just as fresh even though I was exhausted from a day of running around the city. 

Shade Range
The only gripe I have with this is the shade range. I use No.23  True Beige. This is the darkest shade in the 3 shades they have, and it just works for me now I'm at my palest. I've heard that there are other lines that run slightly darker, but probably just by like, half a shade or something. So basically, it's great if you're on the fair-light skin tone spectrum. Anything darker and you won't be able to find a shade. 

Where to Buy
If you're lucky enough to live around an Innisfree shop, then make sure you pop into the brightly lit, grassy, and relaxing shops. Otherwise, innisfree world ships internationally and has promotions on just about every day of the year. 

All in all, I really really like this base product. So much so that I'm contemplating trying out another one from a different line. Or y'know, maybe venture into the queen of cushion foundations from Laneige - if I can stick to the cushion foundation trend long enough to justify forking out that much. Have you tried the Innisfree Water Glow Cushion Foundation before? What do you think about it? Or what other cushion foundations have you tried/want to try? 
With Love, 
Daphne x