5 things everyone who wears makeup 'should' have in their arsenal


Despite the title, I'm not one to tell people what they should or should not do - I might strongly suggest and advise, but unless it's a dire 'do or die' situation, I think people should have the freedom to make their own choices. Even if it sometimes means it's a ridiculously stupid one. And while I'm not breaking that rule today, there are five things that I strongly advise everyone who wears makeup should have at hand. 

A 'do-it-all' base: Y'know what I'm talking about. A base product that'll literally cut down your makeup routine by precious minutes - the base that can double as a moisturiser, even out your skintone, enough coverage to forego concealer, has SPF. While this base might not be great for a night out or when you desperately need coverage, a 'do it all' base is one that's great to have when you're short on time or just feeling particularly lazy. Bonus points if you can apply the product with fingers and it'll look just as good, if not better, than when used with a brush or sponge. 
My pick: NARS Tinted Moisturiser

An everyday lipstick: Whether it be a nude, a pink, or even a red, an everyday lipstick is one that you subconsciously reach for the most. It's one that'll go with almost every makeup look and allow you to feel comfortable wherever you are. Chances are you'll usually find this lipstick shade in your handbag or in your jacket pocket. 
My pick: MAC Faux, MAC Twig

A power lipstick: I know most people say a red lip, but quite frankly, not everyone feels comfortable in that classic shade. A power lip should be one that will make you feel like you can move cities and change the world when you wear it. Be it a classic red, a bright orange, a bold fuchsia, or even a dark berry. Find your power shade and wear it proud. 
My pick: MAC All Fired Up, NARS Dragon Girl  

A good cleansing balm: I've recently been converted to cleansing balms and I'm not looking back. A good cleansing balm will not only remove (waterproof) makeup like the Black Widow, it'll also leave your skin feeling plump afterwards and almost slightly hydrating. 
My pick: Banila Co. Clean It Zero 

A heck ton of q-tips: Ah yes, the cotton buds that are so often overlooked. You never realise how much you need these little white 'double ended fluff sticks' until you accidentally get mascara on your nose and have nothing to remove that artificial sunspot with. From correcting eyeliner, removing stray mascara, to blending eyeshadow when you don't have a brush and scooping out product from a tiny sample pot, q-tips are the overlooked hero that deserves some spotlight. 
My pick: literally, just any q-tip you can buy in bulk that won't break the wallet. ALL THE Q-TIPS. 

I'd put more skin care stuff in this post, but quite frankly, these are things that everyone, makeup wearer or not, 'should' have in their arsenal. While I'm not saying that every makeup wearer should inspect their own arsenal and see if they're short one of these products or not, I'm strongly advising you do so. I mean, sure, you can make the choice not to but you'll have to deal with the consequences of smudged mascara...
Do you agree with the five things I've mentioned above or what other things do you think should be included in the list? 
With Love, 
Daphne x