5 to try from innisfree


Korean makeup is having its moment on the international platform and rightly so. I have more access to this trend now that I've moved back to this Eastern Asian island. But I must say, I've been completely enticed by one brand and haven't really explored other options. Innisfree is an ecofriendly brand that was born on Jeju Island. Most, if not all, of the brand's products include various natural extracts. They also have a great membership that encourages recycling old packaging. It's not an understatement to say that Innisfree is my favourite Korean brand to date. I've tried a fair amount of products from the brand and these are the five products that I think you should definitely give a shot. 

The first one is going to be no surprise to anyone that's read my blog in the past couple months. The Water Glow Cushion Foundation has been a firm favourite since I got it at the start of the year. So much so, there's a complete review on it right here. A light coverage that's just enough to even out the uneven patches, this cushion foundation gives a natural, slightly dewy look that will last all day without the need for powder. It's perfect to use on the go as it literally holds everything that you need to apply your base, and can be layered up so you can forego concealer when you're in a rush. 

The next makeup product is actually the product that got me hooked onto the brand. Jo gifted me the Creamy Tint Lip Mousse when I first got back to the island country and it's been love at first sight. First things first, it's called a tint, but it's really a liquid lipstick. One coat and you get full opaque colour. These dry down to a satin, almost matte finish, and lasts for hours without feeling drying. I haven't worn these through a particularly greasy meal, but they hold up to your usual light meals. The texture of the product reminds me slightly of the Sephora Lip Creams, liquidy but slightly on the moussey side. I think these might be my favourite liquid lipsticks, winning on the scent. Unlike your usual 'sweet cake batter scent', the offering from the Korean brand is more on the tingy side, smelling like the powdered lemonade that I loved as a kid. 

Korean beauty brands are probably most famous for their skincare, and not without reason. There's even the infamous 10-step skincare regime that's making its rounds on the internet. While I'm still a step or two short of the comprehensive routine, I've since developed a more advanced regime that includes half a dozen Korean products. Innisfree, without surprise, has secured its spot in my skincare lineup. 

The Apple Juicy Cleansing Oil was the product that convinced me to switch to oil-based cleansers. Not only is it true to the name and smells like juicy apples, this is like a makeup assassin, breaking down my makeup in seconds. It also leaves my skin feeling plump and almost hydrated after I wash it off. Plus, how cute is the fresh green packaging? 

I know it's a bit weird to include samples in the recommendations, but seriously, I have enough samples of the Orchid Enriched Cream to last me a couple of months. If you've ever been to a Korean makeup store, you'll know that they hand out samples like air. I normally don't fall in love with samples, but this purple-packaged moisturiser was an exception. The slightly gel-like texture hydrates the skin without feeling too heavy, and leaves behind a soft hydrated glow when the product is completely absorbed. Also, I love purple.

Last but not least, I've completely fallen head over heels for the Eco Safety Daily Sunblock. Armed with SPF35, this is one that I've really been enjoying when the sun isn't out to blaze the land. There isn't that weird sunscreen smell, nor does it have the annoying coconut scent that some brands do (I really don't like coconut, alright?). It's light on the skin, easily blendable, and doesn't leave a white cast behind. I've really been seeing a difference since I started wearing sunscreen on a daily basis. My skin is a lot smoother and my old acne scarring has since faded a lot quicker. In short, I've been converted to wearing sunscreen on a daily basis.

While Innisfree may not be the easiest brand to physically locate outside of Asia, their official website does international shipping at an affordable price. Plus, there's almost always some kind of offer going on. I really should venture out and try other Korean beauty brands, but quite frankly, I'm completely infatuated by Innisfree and can't see myself cheating on it. Have you tried anything from the brand before? If so, what are your favourites? 
With Love, 
Daphne x