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It's been a while since I've done one of these drugstore roundups. Quite frankly, a lot of these products naturally merge into my routine, I often forget that I have yet to talk about it on the blog. None of the products I'm talking about today are newly launched, but in a time when everyone is talking about the newest sparkly thing, it's often quite refreshing to talk about something that isn't exactly in the spotlight. So let's get on with the affordable products I've been really enjoying lately. 

The Essence Blushes have been around on the blogsphere for a while now. It gained more attention in the past than it does now, but that doesn't mean it should be forgotten. One of the most affordable blushes in the drugstores, the formula of this line in on par with some of my most expensive blushes. The formula is soft, smooth, and with a beautiful colour payoff. Plus, the embossing on the product isn't one of those 'one swipe and gone' types. Perfection, much? 

I discovered the Reserve Naturelle Eyeshadows when waiting for a connecting train last time I found myself in Belgium. It's not the easiest brand to get outside of Belgium and France, but if you do stumble across it, might I suggest you pick up a couple or ten. The quality of these shadows are superb, like Too Faced or Urban Decay superb. I have the shades 38, a beautiful golden brown, and 99,  a peachy champagne. I've really been enjoying using these two as an everyday shadow combination as they're smooth, pigmented, have just enough shimmer, and are a dream to blend out. Plus, they smell like genuine chocolate - not the fake kind that gives you a headache 30 seconds later. 

It's been a long journey finding a brow product I really like in the aisles of western drugstores. But the L'Oreal Artist Brow Plumper (review) is one that I've really been enjoying. While not an exact dupe, this drugstore find is a good alternative to the Benefit Gimmie Brow. Both volumising brow gels that'll add depth and colour while keeping your brows looking natural. The difference between the two, other than the obvious price gap, is that the L'Oreal offering doesn't run as dark as the expensive alternative. I've linked a whole review I did on this product here, complete with application photos because I'm nice and considerate like that.

Of course, we're ending this post with my favourite category - lip products. Let's start with the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream. I've lusted after them for years, and I'm happy to report that they live beyond the hype that's surrounding these products. The moussey texture allows them to have the attributes of a traditional liquid lipstick without feeling drying. The colours are gorgeous, pigmented, and will last through constant drinking and light snacking. I have a complete review and included swatches for Cannes, Zurich, and Prague in this post.

Last but not least, the Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Satin Lipstick in Man Trap. It's a medium red that strangely looks like a rose shade in the above photo that's beautiful and just lowkey enough to wear during the day without feeling too out of place. The formula of the lipstick is just as gorgeous - pigmented, comfortable to wear, and long lasting. I've been sporting this colour quite a bit since Jaye included it in her 'I MISS YOU' care package. 

I've been guilty of subconsciously gravitating towards high end products the past several months, often ignoring the aisles of the drugstores. But what I didn't realise was that these drugstore products were so naturally merged into my routine, I overlooked how much I actually loved these products. First world problems right there. What are some affordable products that you really love? 
With Love, 
Daphne x

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