beauty advice i never should've listened to


Advice is always nice to get, especially when you're lost and without a clue. Who doesn't like some good guidance, eh? Note that the keyword here is good. Not all advice, no matter the intention, is advice that's right for me. Like the pick 'n mix candy stands, you'll need to waddle through all the options before deciding that the gummy bears and sour worms are the best sweets available. I've been on a slight sugar low alright?  Anyway, I've been given a lot of makeup advice along the years and there are some that would've saved me a lot of time and effort if I just rejected it in the first place. 

Always air dry if you have natural curls - so this might be true for some people, but on me? Air drying equals Asian Ms. Frizzle. I always have to completely blow dry my hair for it to become reasonably tame the next day. Even on days when I'm just a tad more lazy and only dry 80% of my hair? Still a mini static frizz attack the next morning that I definitely have to go in with straighteners to sort out. 

Bright blush can perk up your complexion - okay, definitely not untrue. I tend to reach for my bright blushes when I look particularly sallow and need a lot of help. BUT I definitely need to make sure that my base conceals my naturally red cheeks before I top it up, otherwise I'll look like I have a huge rash on my cheeks. 

You're Asian so you have warm undertones. NO. Just no. It took me a long time to figure this out but just because I'm Asian, it doesn't mean I run really well with the oranges and can't get along with the blue-based colours. I'm quite neutral, and maybe a slight on the cool undertone side, so anything too yellow based, or even orange, won't look that good on me as it would on someone with true warm undertones. 

If you have oily skin, you should stick to a matte foundation. No, just because you have oily skin, it doesn't mean that you can't chase the highlight, dewy base trend like you're a puppy chasing after its own tail. However, it means that you'll need to prep your skin with something the likes of an oil-controlling primer beforehand and use a setting spray in lieu of a mattifying powder. 

Bright lipstick isn't suitable for a daily basis. This is one that's definitely arguable. Depending on where you're wearing it to, you can make it work by blotting down the colour, or choosing one that's less 'BAM in your face' bright. Of course, if there's a strict prohibition on wearing lipstick where you're going, this is probably a rule that you're going to need to stick by even if rules like this are stupid and should be broken.

Some of these tormented me for years - especially the warm undertones one. I have a collection of mismatched 'warm toned' foundations that were handed to me by the sales assistants. You'll get a lot of advice along the way, some more welcomed than others. What are some of the beauty advices you never should've listened to? 
With Love, 
Daphne x