march favourites 2016.


March has been a pretty good month. I had two technological upgrades (well, one was more of a battery update), picked up a new hobby that doesn't require staring at a computer screen, started a semi-regular jogging routine again, got to see my grandmother for the first time in near 18 months, managed to enjoy the one week we had sun, spent a lot of time with Jo as we brainstormed a potential business plan while munching on baguettes and drinking tea. In terms of beauty, March has been one that's been filled with rediscoveries. 
First up, I've been breaking out like mad the second half of the month and needed a base that provided a bit more coverage than my usual tinted moisturisers. The Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation ticked the boxes and was pulled out from storage. I mixed it with the Dior BB Cream (review) as the foundation itself was a couple shades too dark now I'm at my palest. I've also been using my fingers to press in the foundation and discovered that it really helps to 'melt' the base into my skin, leaving a natural looking base that doesn't skimp on coverage. 
I forced myself to put down the matte eyeshadows at the start of the month and fell in love with the Stila In the Light Eyeshadow Palette all over again when I used it for my cousin's wedding. I also used this same palette the last time I went to a wedding. It's perfect to create a bright eyed, soft and glowy look that will suit special occasions or just your average day. While the packaging leaves quite a bit for desire, the quality of the shadows are impeccable (although the more shimmery shades are prone to fallout) and the price is quite reasonable and affordable. 
I've pushed liquid liner to the back of my collection the past few months. But I've been getting the winged liner itch again and fished my trusty Collection Fast Stroke Liquid Liner (review) out of the drawers. A traditional pot and brush approach, the nib of the rubber/silicone(?) brush is flexible enough to draw a line without scratching your eyelids and firm enough for someone with a heavy and unsteady hand to operate. I would suggest wiping off the excess product on the rim of the bottle before going in to draw the line as the product is quite watery and might take a while to dry. It's always easy to go back in and darken the line. If I'm feeling like a particularly sharp wing that day, I like to go in with the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner to finish the ends of the wing. 
As for lip products, it's been an oldie and another that I don't think has been mentioned on the blog before. I've been wearing a lot of natural lip colours since the year started, storing my brighter and bolder shades for special occasions. However, I've been using MAC All Fired Up (review and swatch) much more the past month. A medium pinky red, this is bold enough to make a statement but it's dark and muted enough to wear on a daily basis and not feel overdressed. It's also a matte formula that'll ensure to stay in place through constant snacking and copious cups of coffee/tea. 
The new lip product that I've been throwing in my bag is the Essence Natural Beauty Lipstick. It's a mauvey pink shade that's fabulous for an everyday natural shade. It's a sheer-ish creamy formula that's quite hydrating. It's one of those shades that you can apply on the go and sans mirror.  It reminds me of the MAC Lustre formulas but slightly more hydrating. 
Last but not least, I don't normally feature products outside the beauty/skincare category in my monthly favourites but I thought I'd make an exception. I finally upgraded to an iPhone 6S+ at the start of the month. I've been operating on my aunt's old iPhone 4 the past year and a half, so it was definitely time for an upgrade. It was expensive, but I was able to leech onto Jo's contract renewal to bring the price down a bit. I also decided to embrace my inner 7 year old and dress it in a rather loud Pikachu phone case. It's not everyone's taste (both my younger siblings despise it) but I find the ears rather endearing. I've forgotten what it's like to have a smooth operating phone that doesn't threaten to shut down every 5 minutes. I've also forgotten what it's like to be able to have memory capacity to download apps. Tell me, what are some apps that I should download? 
All in all, March was a much welcomed change from the horrible month before. I'm hoping that the rest of the year will only improve and not go the other way around. What have been some of your best moments in the past 31 days? 
With Love, 
Daphne x