the 'nice but probably not going to repurchase' products


I have a fairly sizable makeup collection - which means I've spent a lot of money on a lot of products that are just kinda sitting around most of the time. Which also means that I've gathered a fair amount of pricey products that I don't regret buying the first time, but like a summer fling - as great as it was, it's not something that I would go back to once it's over. I am neither confirming nor denying the whole summer fling thing. These are some of the products that fall under said category.  

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Lipstick in Boy: Maybe I'm biased as I like a good satin/matte opaque lipstick. But there's something about seeing your expensive lipstick literally leaving a bit of itself behind on your coffee mug that makes your heart (and wallet) bleed a little bit. Boy is a gorgeous beige, pink nude shade that has just the right amount of sheen to add a little pout but still look sophisticated. While I do love the lipstick, I'd hesitate ever purchasing this again as the c/p value of the lipstick just isn't quite there as it wears off quite quickly and is a sheer nude colour that comes with a hefty price tag. 

Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipstick in Bad Blood: I had long debates with myself before finally deciding to include this in the roundup. I love almost everything about this lipstick - from the name to the packaging to the formula and the colour. I even wrote up a whole review on this lipstick and deemed it my '2015 holiday shade'. But as gorgeous as it is, there's one small gripe that's preventing me from turning this into a lasting relationship - the shape of the bullet. Now I'd like to think that I'm quite seasoned when it comes to throwing on a red lipstick. But the shape of this lipstick combined with the creamy and ridiculously pigmented formula makes this a lipstick that requires a lot of application work. This would definitely be the perfect red lipstick if Urban Decay didn't get creative with the lipstick shape and just stuck to the traditional bullet shape. 

Bobbi Brown Brightening Powder: I think the £40/$54 price tag speaks for itself.  The packaging is also stunning if you take care of it and don't chuck it wherever. However, I'm a firm believer in drugstore powders - in fact, this is the only high-end powder I own. Don't get me wrong, this is a beautiful powder - to look at and to apply. But give me the same amount of money to splurge on one product and it definitely wouldn't be this. I was young and naive and ridiculously irresponsible with money when I bought this. I'm only slightly less mortified by my insane 'I GOT ALL THE MONEY' way of spending because this is without a doubt, one of my most used powders. That said, it is one of my oldest powders, so that factor should also be taken into consideration. 

Bobbi Brown Eye Blender Brush: Yes, this is the second Bobbi Brown product in a list of four. I really really like the brand, but it was also one of my first ever makeup brands, meaning that I bought a lot of products when I didn't know what I was doing. This brush was one of those products. Not going to lie, I totally bought this brush for how soft it was. Plus, I was just getting into eyeshadow and after alarming messages of how blending was the absolute key to not looking like a clown, it seemed only right that I get an 'eye blender' brush. Fast forward to now, I'm not actually sure what to do with this brush other than pretend that it's a kitten paw? The large size makes it quite hard to blend eyeshadow without getting it all over the eye area. I do use it for setting my under eye concealer and sometimes to highlight and contour. But quite frankly, I only bring out this brush when I'm putting more effort than the usual 'one brush fits all' routine. 

These are in no way bad products or 'ordinary' products and I do adore the ones I've mentioned. But I just don't love them enough to justify spending the price tag the second time around. Do have products like this? 
With Love, 
Daphne x