guess who's still alive.


Hi, remember me? I'm Daphne. I used to post regularly on this blog and then I just...sorta, kinda, disappeared. Okay fine, I really disappeared. Like a douchy ex, or that chocolate cake you weren't supposed to eat but you were really hungry....Anywho. Welcome to the, the next era of this blog. You know how this works - I'm going to try and post regularly. The posts are going to be on beauty, on life, on handlettering, on basically anything that tickles my fancy. 

I guess I'll start this post off trying to explain where I've frolicked off to in the past, oh, nine months. I applied for 2 PhD programmes at two of the best institutions in the world, I waited 8 months, got 2 rejection letters, moped, broke down, got back up, sent out resumes, got a job, and well, here I am. 

I've been completely swamped with work the past couple months - like, 'I can't remember the last time I was able to rest' swamped. I'm realising I consciously need to take a break from work, I need to force myself to relax. I take a couple of hours each weekend to prep my bullet journal for the upcoming week. But I need something more. 

And that's how I'm finding myself relaunching this half-deserted blog. I'm typing this and I'm realising how much I miss 'talking' to you guys. I'm typing this and I'm realising how darn rusty I am. So bear with me for a while as I get back on track. 

In the meantime, let me know what you would like to see on the blog. 

With Love, 
Daphne x