i never expected to like you this much #2


While I've been trying to get rid of my immature spending habits, there are still some products that I bought on impulse; not expecting much, not even expecting to like it, but thankfully, these surprised me beyond I could've imagined and have even become some of my favourite go-to products. 

I'm not particular with blushes but the Hema Powder Blush (£4.75/€4) in 08 was a surprise. A light dusty rose shade, this soft powder blush has enough pigment to add some colour back into the face, but not so much so that it's hard to use. I really like reaching for this on days when I actually want some rosy-ness in my cheeks and not just the usual nude/neutral Tarte Exposed

Another cheek product, I've never been too fussed by Collection products. But I had a nosy around when I went to buy another one of my beloved Fast Stroke Liquid Liner and decided to pick up the Collection Gorgeous Glow Palette (£4.19) as well. I don't believe in drugstore powder highlighters but this one's an exception. Definitely one to be used with a light hand, this packs a mean sheen while not being glittery and chunky. I like using the two lighter shades for highlighting purposes while the darker shades are reserved for the eyes. Definitely one of my best 'spur of the moment' buys in a long time.

I didn't think I'd like the Lord and Berry Kohl Kajal Eye Pencil (£12) at all when I received it in a beauty box. Traditional wooden pencils and I have never gotten along - they'd be hard and would always smudge all over the place. I'm glad that I didn't chuck this one out as it's one of my favourite tightlining pencils. It's soft enough to apply without irritating my eyes but firm enough that it won't smush all over the place. It also stays in place and isn't halfway to hell after a couple hours. 

I needed a brightening powder, so I bought the Bourjois Java Rice Powder (£9.99) because I remembered the hype around this stuff a couple years back. It was great for under the eyes, but what really surprised me was how well it performed when I used it all over. I thought it would be a over-glowy mess but I couldn't be more wrong. It's like a perfecting powder in the most extraordinary ways. I started getting copious amounts of OHMYGAWDYOURSKINLOOKSAMAZING, something that I don't remember happening when I was trailing, er, a particular brand of overpriced powders.

Last but not least, I buy a lot of lip products. Too much, if we're being honest. Most times, I don't expect to fall in love with them. But the No7 Moisture Drench Lipstick (£9.95) in Rosy Ribbon became a quick favourite. A beautiful midtone warm pink (worn here), this satin finish lipstick stays on for hours and won't budge through too many coffees and snacks. This lipstick formula ranks high in my books. Plus, I always get compliments when I wear this colour, so what's not to love? Thank you, lack of impulse control. 

I've found out the best way for me to stop impulse shopping is to just stay away from beauty counters all together. But then, I wouldn't have found these gems that I really never expected to like as much as I do. #firstworldproblems 

What are some unexpected loves you've come across? 
With Love, 
Daphne x
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Where to buy in Taiwan: selected Watsons or ASOS (Bourjois), lookfantastic or ASOS (Lord and Berry)