Hello, Korea. Again. *ridiculously photo heavy*


I found myself in Incheon International Airport again at the start of April. It hadn't even been a year since the last ICN arrival stamp in my passport, but it felt like ages. I'm not going to do a complete rundown of my whole schedule, but figured there were some highlights in the 10 day trip some of you might be interested in. (FYI - if we're getting technical here, we spent 50% of the time in Seoul, 25% in Jeonju, and 25% in Namyangju)

I say highlights - but this post has like 500 photos....


I'm not the biggest seafood person, but this spread was insane. I mean, this was just half of it - plus it was only £13/person???
 Literally all you can eat kimchi at just about every meal but the bean sprout soup was beyond what I expected cuz it was so delicious?!!?!
 LOOK AT ALL THE MANDU (or, for the uncultured people who don't speak food Korean), dumplings.
If you didn't chicken and beer in Korea, can you really say you went to Korea?
 This was the cutest little candle shop we found in Jeonju - it was in a corner called the "young people market", which is at the second floor of a traditional market. It was originally the storage space of the market, but some young artists renovated the space and made it into an artist center, sorta speaking.
 Still one of my favourite corners in Gyeongbokgong - the main Royal Palace.

This was a cafe (the Terarosa Cafe)- a friggin cafe that could fit half my high school?!?! Also, it had delicious pastries and coffee?!?! Sheer insanity.
Korea also has some of the most creative cafes that I've ever seen  - like this peeking cat statue lurking outside one of the cafes found in Ihwa Mural Village.

T H E P E O P L E 
*warning* This is where things start getting slightly narcissistic. I've warned you.  Turn back while you still can - actually you can turn back whenever you want. 
 Here is me trying to take an ~artistic~ instagram photo - it wasn't happening. 
I was stopped this day for a photograph - they said it was because I had cool sunglasses, but I'd like to think it's because of my fashion forward outfit. 
Either people in the old times were ridiculously tall - or you were supposed to look out the tiny windows. 
I was going for a more 'wild child princess playing with sand' vibe, but I think it turned out to be more 'wild child princess being forced to apologise for breaking an antique vase' 
Obviously my favourite outfit EVER so I included three photos. The dress is so roomy, so swishy, and so food baby appropriate. I would wear this forever if it didn't make me look like I was trying too hard to start in a period drama. 
Featuring my favourite peeps - the one who could find the most fabulous restaurants, the weirdly insane one, and the one that had to write her dissertation on vacation. 

With Love, 
Daphne x