creative resolutions for 2018


Oh hi, I'm not dead. One of my resolutions for 2018 was to start blogging (regularly) again. I've found multiple creative outlets in the past year, but I miss writing. I know I said the same thing in my last comeback, but this time, fingers crossed, I write more than 9 posts a year. 

I'm not big on one word resolutions (the stress of finding ONE word to describe all your resolutions) but I think I can find one for 2018: CREATE. Let's ignore the fact that January is almost over, I still want to share my creative resolutions and goals for the upcoming year. It seems like a nice intro post to the revived Also my personal resolutions are boring, I don't think anyone wants to read about how I want to sleep before 1AM or drink 2L of water a day. 


Start journalling/blogging again. Writing was my OG hobby. I always had a journal or blog to just write for the sake of writing for as long as I could remember. But then some things changed and I started ditching words for drawings. And honestly, I miss writing. So this year, I want to start journalling/blogging, and just writing again.

Start art journalling. In my head, I'm not thinking a separate art journal (although that's the goal one day), but rather incorporating art into my bullet journal or having single art journalling pages for some days or when I travel. I love words, but some things come to life with pictures.

Expand art styles and mediums. I've stuck to florals and fineliners since I started drawing last year (I know, it's insane how it's only been a year),  but I want out of my comfort zone. Watercolour is at the top of my list (which you can kinda tell from my Instagram account) - it's a medium that requires a lot of patience, a high sense of colour, and a personality that handles unpredictability well. None of these traits come naturally to me. But if I can step out of my creative comfort zone, then I'll also be able to start making life changes, right?

Start a shop/freelancing. I haven't figured out which one I want to do more, on one hand, a shop is slightly easier since it would be selling the art I've already created. But on the other hand, I had a lot of fun doing commissioned work as they allowed/inspired me to try different things. Maybe I'll end up doing both.

and last but not least:

Create for the sake of creating. I shared more details about this in a recent Instagram post (oh man, I'm doing a lot of backlinking to my Instagram page today), but in short, somewhere along the way late last year, I got caught in the numbers game and created for the likes and followers. There's nothing wrong with that, but I started losing sight of why I started creating in the first place. It was no longer the stress outlet I needed, and almost started becoming a stress-source. Not anymore. 

I'm pretty sure you can tell, but I'm getting slightly rusty with my writing skills. It's going to get better. Promise. In the meantime, what are your creative resolutions for 2018? 

With Love, 
Daphne x