Q: Why 'daffnee'? 
A: It started out as a Starbucks joke, I've gotten everything from Gafy, Jasmine (still not sure how that happened), to before getting Daffnee, which just stuck.

Q: Where'd you get your blog header?
A: *insert I made dis meme here* 

Q: What camera do you use? 
A: Most of my photos are taken with the Canon 600D with the 35mm f/2 lens. Or my iPhone 6S Plus. 

Q: How do you edit your photos? 
A: Magic. I jest, I jest. If it was only that easy. Most of my photos are edited through A Color Story or Photoshop.

Q: So, you're a nerd. Any tips for school/uni?
A: I did a post on surviving school here.


I also did a Q&A a while back that you can read here. But feel free to contact me if you're curious about something that I haven't addressed.